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a cubic centimetre of gold is heavier than a cubic centimetre of iron because gold is a denser substance than iron, i.e. it has more weight or mass per unit of volume.

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Q: Which is heavier a cubic centimetre of gold or a cubic centimetre of iron?
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What is heavier 1 cubic centimeter of gold or 1 cubic centimeter of iron?

gold it is thre times heavier!

Is porcelain heavier than cast iron?

Iron weighs 0.284 pounds per cubic inch, while cast iron is about 0.25-0.27 pounds per cubic inch, due to how it is made and processed. So pure iron is heavier

What metal is heavier than gold?

A cubic foot of gold weighs 1200 poundsA cubic foot of platinum weighs 1330 poundsA cubic foot of silver weighs 652 poundsA cubic foot of mercury weighs 800 poundsA cubic foot of iron weighs 450 poundsA cubic foot of lead weighs 700 poundsAs you can see only Platinum is heavier than Gold...(about 11% heavier if volume and purity are equal)Answer:There are four metals that are denser than gold:1. Osmium - 22,61 gr/cm³2. Platinum - 21,40 gr/cm³3. Plutonium - 19,80 gr/cm³4. Tungsten - 19,60 gr/cm³5. Gold - 19,32 gr/cm³................................9. Lead - 11,34 gr/cm³ (Just to get the perspective)

Is a destiny a measure of the force of gravity acting on an object?

no, strictly speaking mass is the amount of matter something contains and density = mass / volume say water = 1 gram per cubic centimetre and iron = 8 grams per cubic centimetre, then iron has 8 times the density of water

What is the mass of iron that has density of 8.268?

8.268 grams per cubic centimetre! The total mass depends on the volume of course!

Why is iron heavier than copper?

Copper is more dense than iron, if that is what is being asked. The density of copper is about 8.94 grams per cubic centimeter. Iron had a density of about 7.874 grams per cubic centimeter.

Does one cubic centimeter of lead have the same density as one cubic centimeter of iron?

No, lead and iron have different densities. Lead is denser than iron, so one cubic centimeter of lead will be heavier than one cubic centimeter of iron.

Are 3 moles of gold heavier than 10 moles of iron?

Let's see. 3 moles gold (197.0 grams/1 mole Au) = 591 grams of gold ----------------------------- 10 mole iron (55.85 grams/1 mole Fe) = 558.5 grams of iron ----------------------------- So, 3 moles of gold has more mass that 10 moles of iron. (heavier)

What has a density of 8.9?

Copper has a density of 8.9 grams per cubic centimetre

How do you know if something is real gold or iron pyrite?

Real gold is heavier than iron pyrite, so you can use a scale to determine which one is heavier. You can also perform a acid test with nitric acid - real gold will not be affected while iron pyrite will react. Lastly, you can examine the surface closely - real gold has a smooth texture with no visible crystals, while iron pyrite has a cubic crystal structure.

Which metal has highest density gold or platinum or iron or lead?

Platinum has the highest density among gold, platinum, iron, and lead. Platinum has a density of 21.45 grams per cubic centimeter, while gold has a density of 19.32 grams per cubic centimeter, iron has a density of 7.87 grams per cubic centimeter, and lead has a density of 11.34 grams per cubic centimeter.

Is iron heavier than gold?

Gold has many more protons and neutrons in the nucleus of each atom than iron does. So each gold atom weighs almost four times as much as each iron atom. The extra electrons in the gold atoms do make the atom a little bigger than an iron atom, but not a whole lot. So there are nearly as many gold atoms as iron atoms per volume, but each gold atom weighs a lot more. So gold ends up denser.