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13 does not divide exactly into 27 although 27 is divisible by itself. Another number other than 27 that can be divided exactly into 27 is 9.

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Q: Which number other than 13 and 27 divided exactly into 27?
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What is it called when all the whole numbers than can be divided into exactly a given number?

They're called the "factors" of the given number.

What number other than 0 can be halved?

Any number can be divided in half.

Which number other than 1 3 and 27 divides exactly into 27?

The number is 9.

What number can 2288 and 1693 be divided by?

Other than 1,there are no more whole number factors.

Is the number 1700 a prime or composite number?

It is composite because it can be divided by something other than itself and one. (For example, it can be divided by two.)

What is the number less than seventy-five that divides exactly by seven but leaves remainder one when divided by eleven?


Is 43 a even number?

no.because a even number is defined as-a number that is divided by other number 1 and itself is a even number.but 43 is not divided by any number other than 1 and 43 is not an even number

Numbers can be divided exactly by 3 and 4 what could the number be if it is less than 30?

The number could be any of the following: * 12 * 24 * 48

What is a number that can be divided by some number number other than itself and one is called what?

The opposite of a prime number is a composite number.

What is the application of prime factorization?

if the number can't be divided by a number other than it self then it's prime

What is a whole number that can be divided evenly by numbers other than 1 or itself?

That's a composite number.

Is 80 a prime number?

Other than 2, no even number is prime, as they can all be divided by 2. Further, no number that ends in 0 can be prime as it can be divided by 10.

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