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A triangular pyramid.

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Q: Which of these has exactly four faces a triangular prism or a triangular pyramid?
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How is a triangular pyramid different from a triangular prism?

the trianagular pyramid has 5 faces the triangular prism has 6 faces

Which has the most triangular faces triangular prism prism square pyramid or triangular pyramid?

square pyramid

How is a triangular prism different from a triangular pyramid?

A prism has 2 bases and a pyramid has 5 faces

How many more faces does a cube have than a triangular pyramid?

A cube has 6 faces and a triangular pyramid has 5 faces. So a cube has 1 more face than a triangular prism. But a triangular pyramid has four faces. You make the call. That is correct: A triangular prism has five faces, and a cube has six faces, but a triangular pyramid has four faces.

What solid figure has the least number of faces a triangular prism or triangular pyramid?

triangular pyramid

Does a triangular prism and a triangular pyramid have the same number of faces?


How many faces on a rectangular prism triangular prism triangular pyramid rectangular prism rectangular pyramid?

Rectangular prism = 6Triangular prism = 5 Triangular pyramid = 4 Rectangular prism: it is still 6 Rectangular pyramid = 5.

How many faces has a triangular based prism pyramid have?

five A triangular based prism has 5 A triangular based pyramid has 4 and there is no such thing as a triangular based prism pyramid - unless you mean a truncated pyramid (or a frustum) which is essentially a prism.

Number of faces on a triangular prism?

what is the number faces does a triangular pyramid have

What is the difference between a triangular prism and a triangular pyramid?

A triangular prism has two congruent triangular bases in parallel planes and three rectangular faces joining them together. A triangular pyramid has four triangular faces, a triangular base and three triangular faces meeting at an apex above the base. Triangular prism: 6 vertices, 5 faces, 9 edges Triangular pyramid: 4 vertices, 4 faces, 6 edges

Which shape has 4 vertices and 4 faces?

Triangular prism * * * * * No. It is a triangular pyramid or a tetrahedron. A triangular prism has 6 vertices and 5 faces.

How is a triangular pyramid alike a triangular prism?

A triangular pyramid is similar to a triangular prism because:These prisms have triangular bases.They have the sharp vertices on each side.These prisms also have quadrilateral faces or 4-sided faces!