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The MN/MX- ping on the 8086 is pin 33.

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2010-03-13 23:59:14
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Q: Which pin of 8086 will diffrenciate between minimum mode and maximum mode?
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Write a program to multiply two 8 bit numbers in microprocessor 8086?


What IC 80386 is?

The 80386 was a third generation version of the 8086/8088 microprocessor. The second generation was the 80286, adding protected mode. The 80386 added 32 bit mode, virtual 8086 mode, and flat 32 bit protected mode.The 80386 fixed the problem of the 80286 where existing object code was not compatible in protected mode because the meaning of the segment registers changed. The 80386 allowed the operating system to run in protected mode while presenting the process with a virtual 8086 environment where the segment registers worked as before. This was a stop-gap measure that worked until the full implementation of a true 32 bit flat memory model operating system and software.

Program to additon of two 8 bit numbers with carry using 8086 microprocessor?

abe byahanchod delete nahi kar raha hu, answer kiske liye bacha ke rakha tha

What is a segment used for?

A segment is a chunk (segment) of memory that is 64Kb in size. Due to the design of the 8086/8088 there are 64K possible segments, ecah overlapping the next by 16 bytes, for a total addressibility of 1 Mb. In the instruction model, a segment is the locus of addresses that can be reached in one instruction, without stopping to load a new value into a segment register. It is also called a near, or 16 bit address.

Define the extra segment and stack segment?

The extra segment in the 8086/8088 is a 64kb region of memory that is indexed by the displacement address of the destination of certain string operations, relative to DI. Contrast that with the data segment, which is a 64kb region of memory that is indexed by the displacment address of the displacement of most operand addresses. The stack segment is similar, but it is used for stack oriented data, relative to SP or BP.

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