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Q: Which type of graph is used to show patterns over a span of time?
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What is used to evaluate how well a company has increased in earnings and value over time?

The trend of revenue for a company is a good way to evaluate earnings over time. A graph can be made showing revenue over a span of years, and this will either show and increase or a decrease.

Why such a long tiem span for Breaking Dawn?

To show the intensity, stress, etc. over the months

How does an integrator work?

Mathematically an integrator sums up the values during a given time span. (The area under a curve on a graph is the integral over that section)

If you have collected data on the average wing span and height of 5 different birds What is the best graph to use to display this data?

double-bar graph

What does trend mean when referring to science projects?

A pattern of evolution in which direction of change is persistent over an appreciable span of time.

What sentences has the word span in it?

The brand new Canyon developed over a long time span.

Whats tesco's span of control?

Tesco's store managers have span of control over "deputies" who have control over their own individual sections of stores.

What Was Another Major Reason Why Span Wanted To Expan Its Empire Over Seas?

Please clarify who Span is meant to be.

What part of speech is span?

The word span is a noun. It can also be a verb meaning to extend over a time period.

Transverse means the same as?

to span or cross over

How do you get average of 2 auto accidents over a 4 year span?

If the total auto accidents over 4 year span is 8 then the average will work out to be 2.

Is span a verb or noun?

Span is a verb, noun, and an adjective. verb - The new bridge will span the river. His acting career spanned 55 years. noun - I talked to him over a span of six years. Small children have a short attention span. adjective - Her apartment was always spick and span.