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Whoever invented the clock.

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Q: Who invented the minute hand and hour hand?
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What did the hour hand say to the minute hand?

see you in an hour. Of course it takes more than an hour for the hour hand (the "BIG" hand) and the minute hand (the "LITTLE" hand) to line up but it does happen once each hour. Keep in mind, the hour hand is known as the BIG hand because an hour is bigger than a minute, which is indicated by the LITTLE hand.

Who invented the first ever clock with a minute hand and an hour hand?

the first clock with hour made in Milan Italy and in 1665 watch with munite and secound made .

Which hand on a clock is the hour hand?

The short one Yes, the hour hand is traditionally shorter than the minute hand. However, the hour hand is known as the BIG hand because an hour is bigger than a minute. That means the minute hand is known as the LITTLE hand since a minute is LITTLE when compared to an hour. This is the historical explanation of the labels for the two hands, based on function an expressed in form by the hour hand having a broader, albeit shorter, design than the minute hand which is longer but narrower. Hour = bigger than minute = the BIG hand Minute = smaller than hour = the LITTLE hand

How many times does the hour hand and minute hand cross in 12 hour period of time?

The minute hand will cross over the hour hand once every hour. So in 12 hours, the answer is 12 times.

How are the minute hand and hour hand the same?

The minute hand and hour hand both move clockwise to mark time and are in the same position at 12 noon or midnight.

How many times do the minute hand and the hour hand overlap?

Once per hour.

How many times in an hour will the hour hand and the minute hand meet on a clock?


How long does it take for the hour and minute hands to go from 12 to 12?

It takes the minute hand one hour to do this, and it takes the hour hand twelve hours to do it.

What is the big hand on the clock called?

The long hand is called the minute hand, the shorter fat one is called the hour hand. Based on historical design the BIG hand is the hour hand because an hour is bigger than a minute. Function first, then form. Traditionally clocks had fatter hands for hour and thinner hands for minute, thus BIG is hour and LITTLE is minute. Yes the minute hand is usually longer than the hour hand but on most clocks the hour hand is larger not just shorter. Don't confuse long, big, little, and short.

What angle is gained by minute hand over the hour hand in one minute?

5.75 degrees.

If the little hand is on the 1 and the big hand is on the 6 what time is it?

1:30 Wrong. The "LITTLE" hand indicates the minute of the hour and the"BIG" hand indicates the hour of the day (or at least half day - AM/PM). The minute hand is the LITTLE hand because it represents the smaller unit of time when compared to an hour which is indicated by the BIG hand. Granted, the longer hand is longer than the shorter hand but it is was historically always thinner than the hour hand. Thinner = LITTLE And the hour hand was always shorter but fatter than the minute hand. Fatter = BIG The reason they were originally called "BIG" and "LITTLE" was based on the amount of time each represents. Hour is 60 times bigger than minute. Hour is BIG and minute is LITTLE. Hour hand is BIG HAND and minute hand is LITTLE HAND. End of story

How many degrees does the minute hand of a clock turn in 1 hour?

The minute hand of a clock turns about 360 degrees each hour.

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