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Axa financial

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Q: Who is number 1 on forbes 500 list?
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Where does bill gates rank in forbe's 500 list?

He is currently in the #1 spot of the Forbes list of the top wealthiest people

Who was No 1 on the Forbes India Rich List in 2009?

mukesh ambani

Find the sum of the first 500 counting numbers?

I think you asking what is 1 + 2 + .. 499 + 500. There is a simple way to compute such sums-- Find the average of the numbers and multiply by the number of items in the list. Further the average is just the sum of the first plus the last number in the list, since all of the numbers differs by the same amount. So, the average is (1+500)/2 and there are 500 number is the list, so the sum is (501/2)* 500 = 250*501. [I use * to mean multiply.}

List all Armstrong numbers between 1 to 500?

An Armstrong number, also known as a narcissistic number, is the sum of the cubes of the digits in the number. The list of Armstrong numbers for that range are as follows: 1,153,370,371,407.

Who invented source code alt-ctrl-del?

something about ctrl-alt-delAs of the March 2006 issue of Forbes magazine, Bill Gates has been on listed as Number 1 on "Forbes' Richest People" list for twelve years in a row.

What is the number halfway between 1 and 500?

The number is 250.5 because it is exactly 249.5 from either 1 or 500.

Find the opposite and the reciprocal of the number 500?


What number is represented by roman numaral ID?

499 = 1 from 500 = 500 - 1

How tall is Shanah Forbes?

Shanah Forbes is 5' 1 1/2".

What is the number 1 franchise according to the list of top 10 franchises?

According to the 2013 Top Franchises from Entrepeneur's Franchise 500 List, the number one franchise is Hampton Hotels. This is for the second year running. It is followed by Subway.

What three companies have been number 1 on America's Fortune 500 list 1954?

Wal-mart stores, Exxon Mobil, General Motors

What three companies have been Number 1 On America's Fortune 500 list since 1954 several times?

Walmart Exxonmobil General Motors

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