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Luke Hemmings is the youngest of the band. His birthday is July, 16th 1996. As of now, he's 18 but is soon to be 19.

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Q: Who is the youngest member of 5 seconds of summer?
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Why are 5 seconds of summer called 5 seconds of summer?

Michael Clifford, one of the members, came up with it while in a science class. There isn't a specific reason why, but they had a list of band names. They chose 5 Seconds of Summer. :) In a Youtube video, called "5 seconds of summer info !" it shows him and his band member, Luke, trying to figure out a name.

How many albums have 5 seconds of summer made?

5 Seconds of Summer have 2 albums, '5 Seconds of Summer' (their debut album) and 'LIVESOS' (a live album).

Who is the drummer in 5 seconds of summer?

The awesome man behind the drums for the band 5 seconds of summer is Ashton Irwin.

What color is Michael Clifford from 5 seconds of summer's eyes?

Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer has green eyes.

Who is the youngest member of Red Hot Chili Peppers?

the youngest member of rhcp is john frusciante(guitarist),and he was born on 5.march,70'

Is Ashton Irwin a Christian?

Yes, Ashton Irwin, a member of the boy band 5 Seconds of Summer goes to church and is indeed a Christian!

The ages of 5 seconds of summer?

Luke Hemmings is currently 19. (youngest) Calum Hood is currently 19. Michael Clifford is 20. Ashton Irwin is currently 21. (oldest)

Does 5 seconds of summer write there own songs?

Yes, they have written all the songs on their album (5 Seconds Of Summer) except for Amnesia

Does 5 Seconds of Summer write their own songs?

Yes, 5 Seconds of Summer write their own songs and play their own instruments.

What album from 5 seconds of summer is she looks so perfect?

She Looks So Perfect EP and the 5 Seconds of Summer self-titled album.

Who is the leader of 5 seconds of summer?


Who are 5 Seconds Of Summer?

they are a aussie band