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Q: Who was a french thinker who emphasized the use of mathematics as perhaps the most reliable way to acquire knowledge?
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What effect might a large number of internet users have on a country?

Very good effect. To most of the people who have desire to acquire knowledge on any topic or issue this is a blessing. All they have to do is put in some effort to identify good and reliable sources of information on their topic and they are good to go. It is the platform to acquire tremendous amount of knowledge smartly. Thanks

What is their view of education?

to acquire general knowledge

To get knowledge in something or to acquire skill in?

To learn.

Who stressed the use of expriments and observation in seeking knowledge?

The philosopher and scientist Francis Bacon stressed the importance of experiments and observation in seeking knowledge. He believed that inductive reasoning based on empirical evidence was the most reliable way to acquire true understanding.

How did people have knowledge?

By reading people can acquire knowldege

What is the past participle of acquire?

The past participle of acquire is acquired. Ex: She acquired a new wealth of knowledge on WikiAnswers

How do humans acquire knowledge?

Humans acquire knowledge by Cells through their head touching their skull making them uncomfortable. otherwise making them flarbetical. (flarbetical- Is to be worried, or to feel wrong.)

What additional knowledge and experience you would like to acquire?

what is your knowledge and experience assisting indigent persons

What scientific belief did Francis Bacon had Rene Descartes share?

Both Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes believed in the importance of using systematic observation and experimentation to acquire knowledge in the scientific method. They emphasized the need for reasoning and evidence to support scientific theories and conclusions.

How did john lockes ideas about how we acquire knowledge different from those of descartes?

John Locke believed that knowledge comes from sensory experience and reflection on those experiences, a concept known as empiricism. In contrast, René Descartes argued that knowledge comes from innate ideas and reason, a concept known as rationalism. Locke's ideas focused on the role of observation and experience in forming knowledge, while Descartes emphasized the importance of innate ideas and deductive reasoning.

How did Vesalius acquire more accurate knowledge about human antonmy?

Vesalius acquired more accurate knowledge about human anatomy through hands-on dissection of human cadavers. He conducted extensive dissections himself, challenging the traditional teachings of the time. Vesalius also emphasized the importance of direct observation and drawing conclusions based on his own empirical findings.

How did Vesalius acquire more accurate knowledge about human anatomy?

Vesalius acquired more accurate knowledge about human anatomy through direct observation and dissection of human cadavers, challenging the accepted teachings of the time. He meticulously documented his findings in his groundbreaking work, "De humani corporis fabrica," which revolutionized the study of anatomy. His emphasis on hands-on learning and empirical evidence paved the way for modern anatomical study.