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It was René Descartes who is generally thought of as launching modern analytic geometry. He was dubbed the "Father of Modern Philosophy" but was a superb mathematician, a scientist and a writer. Use the link below and at least read the first paragraph to make your introduction to this world class intellectual.

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Q: Who was the mathematician who launched modern analytic geometry?
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Who was often called the father the modern mathernatics be cause he created analytic geometry and the cartesian coordinate system?

It was the French mathematician Rene Descartes

What has the author Murray H Protter written?

Murray H. Protter has written: 'Calculus with analytic geometry: a second course' -- subject(s): Calculus, Geometry, Analytic 'Modern mathematical analysis' -- subject(s): Mathematical analysis 'Modern mathematical analysis and answers book' 'Basic elements of real analysis' -- subject(s): Mathematical analysis 'Calculus with analytic geometry' -- subject(s): Analytic Geometry, Calculus, Geometry, Analytic

Who was often called the father of modern mathematics because he created analytic geometry?

Rene Descartes

What has the author William K Smith written?

William K. Smith has written: 'Calculus with analytic geometry' -- subject(s): Analytic Geometry, Calculus 'Modern college mathematics' -- subject(s): Mathematical analysis

Who was often called the father of modern mathematics because he created analytic geometry and the Cartesian coordinate system?

René Descartes

An outstanding mathematician who wrote the book of elements of geometry which basis for modern geometry?

Euclid compiled the book 'Elements' which has been used to teach the basics of geometry for more than 2,000 years.

Is modern English analytic or synthetic?


How did Rene Descartes help the world?

He became one of the most influential thinkers in human history and was sometimes called the founder of modern philosophy. He was also an outstanding mathematician inventing analytic geometry and attempting to devise the simple universal laws that governed all physical change. He introduced the famous phrase in English 'I think, therefore I am'

When was analytic geometry invented?

Although Descartes is generally credited with inventing analytical geometry, several aspects had been used by the Greek mathematicians Menaechmus (4th century BC) and Apollonius of Perga (3rd century BC). Much later (11th century), the Persian mathematician Omar Khayyam, used methods which modern mathematicians consider akin to analytical geometry. In 1637 Rene Descartes published his work on the topic but it was incomplete and was in French. It took another decade or so before it was translated into Latin and some of the gaps filled that Descartes' ideas took off.

What is modern English synthetic or analytic?


What has the author Claire Fisher Adler written?

Claire Fisher Adler has written: 'Modern geometry' -- subject(s): Geometry, Foundations, Geometry, Modern, Modern Geometry

Who created the theory of solving right angles?

Euclid, a Greek mathematician, is credited with creating the theory of solving right angles. His work is known as Euclidean geometry, which laid the foundation for modern geometry.