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Because the surface of the earth is always changing.

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Q: Why all maps are inaccurate representation in some way?
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What are some of the maps?

they are a portion of all of the maps

What is a symbolic representation of all or part of the earths surface on a flat piece of paper?

The two dimensional representation of the Earth's surface on piece of paper is called a map. Maps can show an area in great detail or in very broad outlines.

What maps shows the three dimensions of earth's surface?

A globe is the most common map that demonstrates the three dimensions of Earth's surface: length, width, and height. It provides a more accurate representation of Earth's shape compared to flat maps because it is a spherical representation.

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Do all maps show the same things?

No. Some maps can show the whole world while others can show national parks, mountains, hills, etc. But all maps show the way to something.

Does one inch equal the same amount of real miles on all real maps why or why not?

No. Some maps are scaled differently.

Why are some maps of Asia different?

Because of all the conflicts in Asia

Is 5 inches 500 miles on a map?

On some maps. Not all.

Why all maps are lies?

Maps are simplified representations of the Earth's surface, so they inherently distort certain aspects of reality in order to be useful and practical. Different map projections emphasize different characteristics like distances, areas, or shapes, leading to distortions that can make maps seem inaccurate compared to the reality they represent. Ultimately, maps provide a valuable tool for navigation and understanding spatial relationships, despite some level of distortion.

What are all the call of duty modern warfare 2 maps?

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