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Q: Why are bridgeshighwaysand sidewalks built in short segments with periodic breaks?
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Why is a sidewalk built with periodic breaks in it?

Sidewalks and bridges and other material that must hold heavy traffic require periodic breaks in order to prevent the material from cutting and breaking at will

Why might sidewalks make periodic breaks in them?

Properly designed sidewalks have an expansion strip every so often. Since the materials used to make sidewalks can expand and contract with heat and cold, these expansion strips act as "cushions" to each section of the sidewalk. If the expansion strips are incorrectly installed, or damaged, it is possible for the sidewalk sections to buckle and/or crack. If you need to have your sidewalk repaired, make sure that the contractor properly installs expansion strips, usually by filling the gap with foam backer rod topped with a urethane sealant.

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Why are sidewalks made in sections?

There are several purposes. 1. to allow the concrete materials to expand/condense depending on the outside temperature. 2. to make it easier to replace a section if a piece breaks off or needs repairs. 3. to prevent further damage from occuring to a section.

Why might a sidewalk be built with periodic breaks in it?

As the weather changes the concrete expanse and contracts. The joints aka cracks act as a breaking point if the concretes put under to much pressure.