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Q: Why are estimation skills important in dividing decimals?
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What math skills do you use when interpreting information in a circle graph?


What other math skills do scientist use besides estimation?

scientific notation

What maths skills do you need to be a carpenter?

Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and measuring

How are technical skills skills important?

decisional skills

What is the difference between estimation and costing?

1,estimation is finding the cost before it has been actually manufactured. and costing is finding cost after manufacturing the product including the defect product cost. 2,estimation need high technical skills and knowledge hence its done by engineering department but costing need high accounting skills hence its usually done by Accountants or account departments 3,estimation foresee the probable cost and hence it can be used to decide whether one need to produce a particular product or not. or if its profitable or not costing helps to understand to what extent the estimation holds good also when and where it fails

Which maths topics are used in finance and in what way?

The skills of percentage, fractions, decimals, fast and advanced calculating are used in finance.

Why are observation skills important in forensic investigations?

Why are observation skills important of forensic science

How do you write in decimals six and five hundred sixteen ten thousandths?

6.0516 Lemme guess- Basic Skills Math Packet?

What is the meaning of the phrase skills are irrelevant?

Skills are not important

What are your most important skills as a transcriptionist?

The most important skills of a transcriptionist are hearing, spelling, and typing.

Why is it important to understand skills?

It is important to understand skills because of you are stuck you will need to under stand it .

What are two important skills in science?

Two important skills used in science are the skills of making accurate observations, and of logically analysing what you have observed.