Why are vertical angles used?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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because 360 degrees is the total amount of degrees you can get. the degrees are essentially the angle measurement. anything that is 180 degrees is a vertical. so vertical angels are used to indicated a 180degree line.

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Q: Why are vertical angles used?
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How are vertical angles used in real life?

Vertical angles are used in construction, computer design, and just about any other field where objects are built. Angles add design and strength.

What is the difference between vertical angles and congruent angles?

not all congruent angles are vertical angles. Vertical angles must share a vertex.

Are vertical angles congruent or supplementary angles?

Vertical angles are always, by definition, congruent. Note: If the two vertical angles are right angles then they are both congruent and supplementary.

If two angles are vertical then what are they?

If two angles are vertical then they are congruent.

Can vertical angles be supplementary angles-?

Vertical angles can be supplementary angles if the lines are perpendicular and then both of the vertical angles would be 90 digress.

Two angles that are vertical are adjacent?

No they are not because adjacent angles are on the same side while vertical angles are on the opposite therefore vertical angles are non adjacent.

What is a counter example for the statement congruent angles are always vertical angles?

Vertical angles must necessarily be congruent, however congruent angles do not necessarily have to be vertical angles. An example of congruent angles which are not vertical angles are the 3 interior angles of an equilateral triangle. These angles do not share the same vertex yet they are congruent.

What makes a pair if angles vertical angles?

the vertical angles are the same angles as well as horizontal angles but vertical and horizontal are most the time different except when they all are 90 degrees.

What is the relationship between vertical angles?

Vertical angles have the same angle measure. Vertical angles are formed by two intersecting lines that look like an "x". Angles that are across from each other on this "x" are called vertical angles.

Are vertical angles congruent?


Can two adjacent angles be vertical angles?

No, because by definition, vertical angles are not adjacent angles. Hope this helps

What is a vertical angle theorem?

The Vertical Angles Theorem says that a pair of vertical angles are always congruent.