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Q: Why can green plants survive but mammals could not survive without green plants?
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Can plants survive without oxygen?

No, a plant could not grow without oxygen.

Do we need animals and plants?

Yes. Mankind could not survive without them.

Could life life on the Earth survive without the sun?

No, plants cannot survive without sunlight, herbivores cannot survive without plants, and I don't think carnivores and omnivores can survive without herbivores. Besides, they would all freeze to death within a few days anyway.

What is the contribution of plants in the environment in the society?

Without plants producing oxygen, society could not survive. Plants also provide beauty to the environment.

Could plants survive without sun?

All living things need the sun to survive in one way or another. All "natural" energy on Earth comes directly from the sun. So, to answer your question, plants could not survive if there was no sun.

How long can we survive without bees?

If we didn't have bees and our technology didn't improve, then we could not survive without the trees and plants. Bees help theses plants by pollenating them and keeping them healthy. If our Technology did improve, then scientists could probably figure out a way to survivee without theese things. Thanks, Bekah Jobe

Can plants and and animals survive without bacteria?

No. They could not under the current regime of life on Earth. Bacteria, in their symbiotic, detrivorous, and other roles are critical to the life functions of plants and animals. If all bacteria were to die out, it is likely that everything living on the planet would die out. Oddly enough, the bacteria could survive without animals or plants.

That people could survive without gasseswhy or why not?

No. People, plants and animals need gasses to live- oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Could animals survive without plants?

No because animals eat plants so if animals didnt eat plants the plants would die unless watered.

What plants could survive a nuclear blast?


Can humans live without photosynthesis?

No, humans cannot live without photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants and other organisms convert sunlight into energy, which ultimately sustains all life on Earth by producing oxygen and organic molecules that serve as food sources. Without photosynthesis, there would be no oxygen to breathe and no food to eat, making human survival impossible.

Could you survive without bacteria?