Why do kids start biting nails?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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usually it is a habit sometimes for kids but they do when they are nervous or just doing it on purpose but sometimes they don't realize that they are doing it. Also don't bite your nails because it can give you a disease.

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Q: Why do kids start biting nails?
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How can you keep from biting your nails?

At Your Local Pharmacy They Will Have A Clear Polish That You Put On Your Nails To Prevent's you from Biting them.

How can kids stop habit of nail biting?

go down to your nearest drug store and by nail polish remover keep wiping it on them after a bit they will have stoped biting there nails

How do you prevent from biting your nails?

either a special nail biting polish or gloves! i have a bad habit of it:(

How do you stop biting your nais?

It is pretty simple, all you need to do is find a special polish that is made to stop you from biting your nails, in order to use it: Apply it like normal nailpolish (It's clear by the way) and let it dry, and when you start biting your nails it will taste horrible and your mouth will be burning, therefore your not going to want to bite your nails are you? Thanks -AmeliaLove-

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If you are angry enough to bite nails, you could either be biting your own fingernails or biting iron nails -- either way, you are gnashing your teeth in anger.

Tips to help me stop bighting my nails?

Delay biting your nails when you get the urge.

What is phaneromania?

It is the habit of biting one's nails.

Which gesture suggests nervousness?

biting our nails

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