Why do student miss class?

Updated: 10/13/2022
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Depends some people miss class if they are depressed or sad about something or get excuses to skip school and go somewhere.

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Q: Why do student miss class?
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What grade will you get if you miss 1 out of 12?

Well, it is a good grade 92%, you are sill the A student in class. Good Job!

What month will student write bece this month 2009?

In Mrs.Madison class the student of the is Deja barnes Cody banker.In mr.Fred class its harry mars and floar gar in miss maxwell class it is daysha Ellis and Eduardo Henry in mr.mac class it is geame day and vice wer

Did Miss Caroline resorted to corporeat punishment on the first day of class?

Yes, Miss Caroline resorted to corporal punishment on the first day of class by using a ruler to hit a student on the hand. This action caused a negative reaction from the students and community members.

When was The Class of Miss MacMichael created?

The Class of Miss MacMichael was created in 1978.

What is the plot summary in the short story the metaphor by Budge Wilson?

A student in Junior High has Miss Hancock as her English teacher and enjoys her teaching. One day, Miss Hancock tells the class about metaphors and this prompts her to write one about her mother, who is not very warm towards her family. Later, in senior high, the same student is surprised to find that her English teacher is Miss Hancock. However, Miss Hancock can't handle the more rowdy senior high class and becomes tentative about her teachings. In March, Miss Hancock steps off the curb and is killed instantly by a school bus. The student is upset, but her mother tells her to get a grip. The story ends when she writes a metaphor about Miss Hancock.

How can a student be the best in class?

Because when the student studies a lot he becomes intelligent and is the best in class

Did I miss anything poem?

It seems like you're looking for a poem titled "Did I miss anything." This poem by Tom Wayman humorously depicts a teacher's response to a student's question about missing a class. The teacher lists all the mundane and significant events that happened during the student's absence, showing the importance of being present in the moment.

Did Miss Caroline resort to corporal punishment on the first day of class in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Yes, Miss Caroline did resort to corporal punishment on the first day of class in To Kill a Mockingbird. While Scout attempts to explain Walter Cunnigham, Jr.'s circumstances, Miss Caroline doesn't understand and gets so frustrated that she slaps Scout on the hand with a ruler.

Adonde va estudiante despues de clase?

Where is the student going after class? Where does the student go after class?

What are the affects of tardiness in high school students?

If a student is tardy to their classes, they are likely to miss out on learning material that had been taught while they were not in class. If a student does not attend all of class, the quality of his or her education is lowered. Also, if a student is continuously late for class, he or she is more likely to arrive late at a job when they begin their career. While consequences of tardiness in school are minimal (detentions, etc), if a person is continually late for a job they risk being fired. Having a set time students must be in class teaches responsibility.

Which is correct Miss Jones's class or Miss Jones' class?

The 's suffix is singular the s' suffix is plural. So, in this case there is only one Miss Jones, so "Miss Jones's class" is correct. I know it looks and sounds weird but it is correct.

2. What if I miss a class?

I'f you miss a class you will have to do twice your work.