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Q: Why do you think it is important to place the sheave wheel in exactly the right place on the head frame?
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Look at the sheave wheel.Has it been placed in the middle of the upright columnWhy do you think it is important to place the sheave wheel in exactly the right place on the head frame?

in order to move freely and minimize friction

Are I-beams good thing to use for head frame supports?

YesBecause it is strong enough to keep the sheave wheel in place

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What is the belt timing for LD28?

The Injection Pump cogged belt timing for the LD28 is a bit of a thorny issue, in that Nissan has used TWO DIFFERENT groups of markings for that belt over the years: and "A" group and a "B" group. And some IP sheaves are marked "AB" just to confuse further. The same belt is used for automotive LD28s, Industrial LD28s, and all LD20s (the Four cylinder version of the LD28), but different applications utilize different IP sheave keyways and different reference dot locations. Generically, for the automotive version of the LD28 as sold in 1981-83 Datsun/Nissan 810/910/Maximas in the US, most have the "B" markings. The crank sheave has a dot on the edge, demarking one reference. The IP's sheave has one dot, or two dots, on the edge. If it has two dots, they will be marked "A" or "B". If you have a two-dot IP sheave, it may or may not have two keyways. This is only an issue if you have the sheave off of the IP, for example if you remove the IP for service. On a stock US vehicle LD28, most use the "B" marking on the IP sheave. Place the crankshaft so that the crank IP belt sheave has the edge dot pointing straight up. The OEM Nissan IP belt has two white paint marks (stripes) on the non-toothed side. The white stripes are twenty teeth apart (19 teeth between the stipes). Install the IP belt with the rightmost stripe on the crank sheave with the stripe aligned with the dot on the sheave's edge. The left white stripe aligns on the IP sheave with the tooth with the dot on the edge, or the "B" dot if more than one is used (in most cases!). Pictures help a lot with this. Pictures are in these threads:

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