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Q: Why has the number of students studying entrepreneurship increased so dramatically since the early 1970s?
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Why study entrepreneurship?

Studying entrepreneurship can help you in establishing your own business or creating your own products. Entrepreneurship can lead to self-sufficiency.

Why is the studying of entrepreneurship important?

when an entrepreneur had sucess in his business

How do you think increased?

by studying

Why students cant text and class?

Students are supposed to be studying and not texting. It's distracting and detracts from the purpose of STUDYING.

Why do students study music in schools?

Music can provide positive outcomes for students. Studying music in school can result in a new hobby, increased social skills, and critical thinking skills. It also opens doors for scholarships and awards.

What do you call students studying the Old Testament?

religious studies students

Which Country is best for studying computer for foreign students like Pakistan?

The USA, UK, Australia are is best for studying computer for foriegn students like Pakistanis

What is the independent and dependant variable for how does studying with music affect students test scores?

Independent variable: studying with music Dependent variable: students' test scores

Which book should you refer for Art of Studying for students?

Those students who are taking an Art of Studying class should refer to a book called "Concentrating While Studying. Study Guides and Strategies" by Joe Landsberger.

Where do most exchange students come from?

The origin of exchange students varies depending on where they are studying.

Why most students do not want learning?

students don't like studying till they are motivated

In a class of 200 students 120 students take Italian and 100 study Spanish. If a student must study at least one of these languages what percent of the students study Spanish but not Italian?

This is best solved using a Venn diagram. As the total number of students is 200 and if you add together the 120 studying Italian (I) and 100 studying Spanish (S) this comes to 220 students. Therefore to keep to the 200 students, 20 must be studying both ( I & S ) This means that 120-20 = 100 are studying just (I) and 100-20 = 80 are studying just (S). Thus the % of (S) only students is (80/200)*100 = 40%