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Ellen Ochoa became the first Hispanic woman to go to space

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Q: Why is Ellen Ochoa important to Hispanic History?
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Why is Ellen ochoa important?

She was the first Hispanic to be an astronaut.

First Hispanic Astronaut?

Ellen Ochoa in 1993

Why is Ellen Ochoa important to history?

* Firts Hispanic women astronaut *She was an engineer and pilot *Wanted to be a role model for Hispanic girls, so they wouldn't set their sights too low.

What was Ellen Ochoa's nationality?

American, hispanic

Who was the first women hispanic astronaut?

Ellen Ochoa

Who was the first hispanic woman in space?

Ellen Ochoa.

Who is the the first female hispanic astronaut?

Ellen Ochoa

First hispanic woman to go to space?

Ellen Ochoa

What is Ellen Ochoa famous for?

The first Hispanic woman astronaut.

Who was the first hispanic American woman in space in 1993?

Ellen Ochoa

What is Ellen Ochoa known for?

Bing the first female Hispanic astronaut.

Is Ellen ochoa hispanic?

yes, her hispanic roots come from her father's side. she's half hispanic and half american.