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Q: Why is Fibonacci important to know?
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Who were Fibonacci's siblings?

Fibonacci does not have any siblings that people know of.

Why was Leonardo Fibonacci's invention important?

Fibonacci is famous for his contributions to number theory.

Why is Fibonacci and his sequence important?

Fibonacci is important because he introduced the Arabic number system to Europe. His sequence is much less important - it is mainly a mathematical curiosity.

Why are Fibonacci numbers so special?

Fibonacci numbers are important in art and music. The ratio between successive Fibonacci numbers approximates an important constant called "the golden mean" or sometimes phi, which is approximately 1.61803.

Why is the Fibonacci sequence important?

cuz it just IS.

Why is Fibonacci important in maths?

because if we did not have him we would never no how to do math

What did Fibonacci do in his life?

Fibonacci accomplished: doing paintings and also invented Fibonacci numbers. Fibonacci traveled to some Mediterranean countries, to study the most important Arab mathematicians at that time. Fibonacci ended his travels around the year 1200 and at that time he returned to Pisa. Originally in the year 1202, Fibonacci was presented with a problem of how quickly the rabbit population will grow in ideal conditions.

How big was Fibonacci's family?

We know that his father was Guglielmo Bonaccio. Leonardo of Pisa, who is generally called Fibonacci today, is not known to have had a family.

What were some important events in Fibonacci's life?

Fibonacci was born in 1170 and died in the 1240's he now has a memorial next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Why did Fibonacci think of the Fibonacci code?

There is the Fibonacci sequence but what is the Fibonacci code?

Who were Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci's family members?

un know

What did Leonardo Fibonacci want for the world?

for everbody to know math.