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A regular polygon requires all sides to be the same length; in a rectangle not all four sides are the same length (they form two pairs of sides of equal length) and so it is not a regular polygon.

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Q: Why is a rectangle not a regular polygon?
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When is a rectangle a regular polygon?

A regular polygon is a polygon in which all sides and angles are congruent, so a rectangle is a regular polygon when it is a square: when all sides are equal.

What is an equiangular polygon that is not a regular polygon?

A rectangle, for example.

If the exterior angle of a regular polygon equals 90 degrees then the polygon is a?

Square, or a rectangle. * * * * * Since it is a REGULAR polygon, it cannot be a rectangle. So the only answer is a square.

How do you draw a quadrilateral rectangle?

That's just a regular rectangle. A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides and a rectangle is a polygon with four sides.

Is a rectangle a regular polygon?

The properties of a Regular Polygon are:All sides are equalAll angles are equalA rectangle only shares one of these properties, Equal Angles, so No, a Rectangle is not a regular polygon.

What is the quadrilateral which has congruent angles but not a regular polygon?

A rectangle

Why is a rectangle sometimes a regular polygon?

it is not a line segment

What is an example of a semi regular polygon?

A rectangle or a rhombus.

Is A Rectangle An Irregular Or Regular Quadrilateral?

its a regular quadrilateral * * * * * No it is NOT! The sides of a rectangle, in general, are not all the same length and, therefore, it is not a regular polygon.

What is the only type of polygon that must be regular if it is equiangular?


Is a polygon with all angles congruent a regular polygon?

No. You also need all of the sides to be congruent. For example, a rectangle has four congruent angles, but it is not a regular polygon.

Is a rectangle a regular or irregular?

A rectangle is considered to be an irregular polygon. This is because, in a rectangle, the sides need not necessarily all be congruent, and regular polygons must have all sides be congruent.

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