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Q: Why is it contraindicated to do a foot masssage on someone with athlete's feet?
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Is there diseases of feet?

athletes foot

What is a millipede capable of?

Serious athletes feet.

Something That can grow on your feet?

Athletes Foot.

Itchy flakey feet?


Why is it common to catch athletes foot?

Becuase people don't pay enough attention to clean feet, and that's when you don't clean your feet often, and that's when you get athletes foot.

What is something nasty that can grow on your feet?

Athletes foot dude!

Can athletes feet cause hair loss?

Not unless you have it on your head.

Can hand sanitizer work on athletes feet?

No. But you won't have germs on them.

Can your cat catch athletes foot from you?

Athletes foot is a type of fungus on the feet. Cats are susceptible to transmitting this from humans since it is a fungus.

The symptoms of Athletes foot?

There are several symptoms of Athletes Foot. A few of the symptoms are blisters on feet, itching, burning, and stinging. There are several brands of medicine that can be purchased over the counter for Athletes Foot.

What are the symptom's caused by athletes foot?

Athletes foot is a fungal issue. It presents itself with intense itching and redness of the feet. Their are many over the counter creams that can bring relief. Keeping the feet dry will help prevent it.

Do people who wear flex feet have an advantage over able bodied athletes?