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It is the most convenient number to choose because it is not a Prime number.

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Q: Why is it convenient to measure time using 24 hours in a day not 23 or 25?
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Why is it convenient to to measure time using 60 minutes in an hour not 59 or 61 and 24 hours in a day not 23 or 25?

because there is only 25 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour

How many hours in 1 terabyte?

Incompatible. Terabyte is a measure of data, hours a measure of time.

What is 1.30 hours?

It is a measure of time!

How many hours in 214 km?

Hours cannot be converted to km. Hours is a measure of time and km is a measure of distance.

How many hours is in 4655 miles?

Miles is a measure of length and distance and can not be compared with hours which is a measure of time.

How many hours is 691.10 miles?

Hours is a measure of time, miles is a measure of distance - the two can not be equated.

Do days count as a measure of time?

It has to be considered a measure of time because you do not say how many hours there are in a year, month or fortnight, you say days and so must be considered a measure of time. The same stands for seconds, minutes and hours, because are hours any less a measure of time because they are 60 minutes? No. The same stands for days, they consist of 24 hours and so therefore count as a measure of time.

How do you convert 400 kilometers to hours?

Kilometers measure distance; hours measure time- you can not convert distance to time. its just silly to try to convert measurement to time.

How many hours in 85 miles?

None. They measure different things, hours are a measure of time, miles are a measure of linear distance. The time taken to cover 85 miles would depend on your speed

Why is it convenient to measure time in twenty four hours?

It isn't really, in the sense that the division of time into 24 equal segments aren't divisible into 10, as metric divisions of the three physical dimensions are. However if we go back to when the day was divided into 24 hour segments the numbering system of the Sumerians was based on the number 12. 12 hours in a day, 12 hours in a night. This system of the division of time continued through history to the present and was easily recognizable by all, as a measure of time, which makes it convenient in that different systems do not need to be calculated, or converted between each other. Sumeria relied heavily on trade and all their trading partners understood this division. In other words change is difficult, if it works stick with it.

How will you measure length using a broken ruler?

A broken ruler still has lines of measurement on it - it's just not as convenient as it was when it was whole. You measure the same way, by holding the ruler next to the item you're measuring and deciding which line it reaches to. With a broken ruler, you will probably have to measure one part at a time and add the measurements together.

What do hours minutes and seconds measure?

Clocks measure time regardless of which system you are using. The base unit of time is the second, fractions of seconds include millisecond, microsecond, nanosecond, etc. The standard prefixes can be used for multiples of seconds, but minute, hour, day are perfectly acceptable.