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Q: Why is shelving 6 inches off the floor?
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Why is it necessary to store food 6 inches off the floor and away from walls?

to help prevent contamination from splash and dust

How high to put shower spout?

Shower spouts are usually 60 - 70 inches above the tub floor.

How far off the floor does food need to be stored?

It varies by county, but almost all say 6 inches. You can ask your local Health Department for a more definite answer.

How many floor tiles that measure 3 by 6 inches are required for 120 square feet?


What is the distance of the lower edge of the basketball backboard from the floor?

9 feet 6 17/32 inches.

What way do you lay 600x300mm floor tiles as you enter a room?

You center the floor tiles to the center of the door.Normally a door with is 36 inches. A typical floor tile is 12 inches. Therefore the tiles would be set in the door in this order (6 - 12 - 12 - 6 = 36), adjust for grout widths. The same applies to mm tiles.

How high off the floor is a dart bored?

around 6 foot high

What is the height of the table tennis from the floor?

A table tennis table is 2 feet 6 inches (76cm) high.

Location of blower resistor for 1998 Ford Contour?

It's on the passenger side floor at the front where your left toe would rest against the firewall if you were sitting in the seat. It's about 6 inches off the floor mounted in the air conduit that comes off the blower. Its should be white plastic with 1 screw mounting it and a plug with 4 wires in it.

If I cut off 1.5 feet of her hair how many inches of hair did she cut off?

1 x 12=12 .5 x 12=6 12+6=18 18 inches!

Why is necessary to store food 6 inches off the floor and away from the wall?

You shouldn't store food on the floor, or too close to it. For the main reasons simply of contamination. We walk on the floor, our pets walk around our floor, and dirt and other organisms find it easy to live there. In the event your roof leaks, or there is a flood, it also better to keep items we consume out of the way of bacteria. In the advent that you are storing food close to the floor, or on it, always make sure its cleaned before you consume it. Canned goods can washed with warm soapy water. Don't store anything that has been opened ( such as cereal ) on the floor or lower shelving. Hope this helps.

What is the clearances of electrical panels from floor to bottom of panel?

The top of the service panel can be no more than 6' 6" off the floor. Must be 36" of clearance in front of the panel and 30" on each side. Use common sense when installing the panel. If you install the top of the panel aroud 6' 2" off the floor you are good to go.