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Several reasons.

1. All units for measuring the same attribute are related by powers of ten and the same prefices are used whether measuring length, mass, energy etc.

2. Many derived units are scaled so that their values are 1 together: for example 1 Newton (force) = 1 kilogram*metre/second2

3. All advanced countries and most of the rest of the world use it.

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Q: Why is the International of Units so helpful?
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What is the acronym for the International System of Units?

The acronym of the International System of Units is SI, from the French "Système International".

How many international units equals 1 billion international units?

1 billion.

How are baby changing units helpful?

Baby changing units are very helpful for if you have an infant that needs changing while you are out. These changing units are located in public women's restrooms.

What the Si units?

It is the International Standard of units.

What does si units stand for?

SI is an abbreviation of the French "le Système International d'unités"which when translated in to English means "The International System of Units".

What is the international system of units called?

SI Units

What is a sentence for international system of units?

the international system of units is based on units of 10 and has 3 main standards, the meter, liter, and gram.

How do you convert synthase units to International units?

I know that Synthase Units are used to qualify enzymatic ability to synthesis molecules its indicated for. I don't know that a conversion factor is available to this. However, some supplements use International units IU and others use synthase units SU so how do you make a comparison if you don't have a conversion factor?

What is the system of units nowadays called?

The International System of Units

What does the term SI units mean?

International System of Units

Why is it not IS units in stad of SI units?

Because it was developed in Europe for international use from the French "Systeme International" (SI)

What influenced the development of the international system of units?

International trade.