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Q: Why is the area model of divided into six sections?
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Are sandworms invertebrates?

Sandworms are invertebrates. They are divided into six sections like others of their order. They are omnivores and considered opportunistic feeders.

How were western lands divided by the land of ordinance of 1785?

Land was to be systematically surveyed into square townships, six miles (9.656 km) on a side. Each of these townships were sub-divided into thirty-six sections of one square mile (2.59 km²) or 640 acres.

How wide is a township?

In US surveys a township was six miles long and six miles wide. They were divided into sections and quarter sections.

What is an area of 300 square meters is divided into six equal lots?

You get 6 equal area's of 50 square metres.

What kingdom was divided to create the six kingdom model classification?

The kingdom Protista was divided to create the six kingdom model classification. This division was made to provide a more organized and accurate classification system for organisms that did not fit well into the existing kingdoms of animals, plants, and fungi.

How do you find volume area of a pyramid?

length times width times height divided by six

How much is the cost of a six storied building divided into 3 unit sections in mymensingh Bangladesh?

6 floors. 18 appts. Each appt 30,000 Euro

What is six divided by 56?

Six divided by 56 is 0.107142857143

How many 6 inch sections can you cut from 1.5 feet?

3 six inch sections

What is six divided by eighty six?

6 divided by 86 = 0.0697

What is an area of 300 square meters is divided into six equal lots. what is the area of each lot?

This is an awkward one, it involves dividing 300 by 6...

What is 3 and 18 divided by 6?

Three divided by six is a half and eighteen divided by six is three