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Q: Why is the expressway connecting important cities called golden quadrilateral?
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What was the name of the expressway that collapsed in Kobe?

It is called the Hanshin Expressway. A.K.A. Kobe Expressway.

Where is there a Toyota dealership located on an expressway?

In Boston, MA there is a Toyota dealership called Expressway Toyota. Although not located on top of an expressway, the lot of the Expressway Toyota Dealership is in direct contact with the expressway.

A polygon with 4 sides is called?


What is a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle called?

It is an inscribed quadrilateral or cyclic quadrilateral.

What is a shape with four sides called?

a quadrilateral

Why is a quadrilateral called a quadrilateral?

Because a quad has 4 wheels and a quadrilateral has 4 sides!

What is a irregular four sided shape called?

a quadrilateral

Do connecting 4 points yield a quadrilateral?

It is a question of definition. In general language the word quadrilateral has different meanings. In general it is good to discern 3 options: 1. a figure consisting of 4 points is often called (complete) quadrangle, 2. a figure consisting of 4 lines is often called (complete) quadrilateral, 3. a figure consisting of 4 points consecutively and cyclically connected by 4 lines is best called tetragon or quadrigon.

What is the lane that is an exit from the expressway called?

The number one lane

What are the names of the 10 expressways in Singapore?

There are 10 expressways, most of them ends with E (stands for expressway) like KJE (Kranji Expressway), CTE (Central Expressway) and PIE (not the pie you eat but Pan-Island Expressway) except for one special expressway called ECP (East Coast Parkway), maybe due to the fact it has a E in front (or it becomes ECE) or maybe because it just runs along the East Coast Park.

Why is the quadrilateral called quadrilateral?

Quadri means four. Lateral means sides. A quadrilateral has four sides.

What is the definition of a quadrilateral shape?

a quadrilateral shape is any shape with 4 sides , that's why its called QUADrilateral.