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If you mean in Baseball, K is for strikeout, from the letter in the word.

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Q: Why is the k used on the score card instead of a x?
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Why is a strikeout marked with a k?

You can blame a man named Henry Chadwick. He was in the process of perfecting the baseball score card. S was already used for Sacrifice, so he used the K (the last letter in "struck"). This ended out working perfectly anyway, because when a batter is struck out looking (without swinging) there is nothing on a score card that can be confused with a backwards K.

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What is a pointless letter?

C, which has either an S or a K sound when it is used in words. So there is no need for a C when an S or a K could be used instead.

What card games start with k?

Kaiser is a card game. It begins with the letter K.

What letters in a scrabble has the score of 5?

K is the only letter with a score of 5.

Card games that begin with k?

Kaiser and Klaverjas are card games. They begin with the letter K.

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Why does baseball use a k for a strikeout?

The use of the last letter of Struck instead of the first to denote a strikeout dates back to when Henry Chadwick developed the box score in the late 1850's. Chadwick often used the last letter instead of the first, especially if he considered that letter to be the more prominent one in the word. Chadwick said "the letter K in struck is easier to remember in connection with the word, than S." He also used L for Foul and D for Catch on Bound. Only the K survived into the 20th Century.

What is the value of the letter 'K' in 'Scrabble'?

K=5 points. Depending on its position, 'K' score can be doubled, re-doubled, tripled or re-tripled and it can also carry the score of the word to which it will be connected.

What does k stand for in a baseball box score?

k stands for strikeout looking K stands for strikeout swinging

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