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Q: Why might Al-Khwarizmi be characterized as a practical man and mathematician?
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Who was the first person ever to divide by zero successfully?

Chuck Norris Whoever and whatever Chuck Norris might be, he is not a mathematician; they all know that you can't divide by zero. If you try to then nonsense answers appear out of the woodwork.

Can a triangle has three sides of length 8 and 9 and 17?

The sides of 8 and 9 would have to stretch out straight in line in order to reach the ends of the side of 17, and then they would flop down right on top of it. The triangle would have two angles of zero degrees, and one angle of 180 degrees. When you looked at it, it would look like a straight line segment with a length of 17; you wouldn't know that there were two other line segments lying on top of it. A mathematician might call that a "degenerate triangle". But in a practical sense, I don't think anyone else would accept it as a member of the triangle club.

What is the domian in math?

In an equation like C=2PiR, the circumference (C) of a circle in terms of the radius (R), we call the values of R to be in the Domain and the values of C are then calculated and we say those results are in the Range. So the Domain is any quantity from zero to the width of the universe if you want to be practical. I suppose that someone might like to calculate the circumference of two adjacent universes, so their Domain for R would be twice as big. Notice that the Domain contains no negative numbers. No practical circle has a negative radius.

How is algebra applied to other subjects?

A simple answer might be an example of any calculation which requires a formula (actual mileage for your vehicle, your electrical bill, converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius, the theory or relativity, etc.). As any mathematician can explain, many of our simpler formulas can be worked through using basic mathematics. However, as the formula becomes more complicated, often simple math without using variables, becomes a cumbersome, time consuming, or sometimes an impossible task without resorting to algebra.

How many volt can a windmill make?

At present the largest windmills can produce up to about 8 million watts each. As a practical matter, this much power needs to be delivered at a high voltage such as 14 thousand volts or even higher. (Otherwise the current would be too high for reasonably sized conductors to carry.) On the other hand, small windmills might deliver at much lower voltage such as 480 volts.

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You might be thinking of Blaise Pascal. He had a computer language named after him.

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Well I am not 100% sure on that but I do know that Carol Vordemon (spellling might be incorrect) is the most clever person in the world for maths as well.

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So that they can engage the archaic side of language

Is 5.60 greater than 5.06?

Yes, 5.60 is greater than 5.06. Or, as a mathematician might put it: 5.60 > 5.06

What is practical?

Work practices are your personal work habits that you choose to do in the work place. Work habits can include being on time, checking your work and other choices you might make.

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Just be around to offer comfort, and to do any practical tasks that might be needed.

What is the name of an Indian mathematician who has work on areas and perimeters?

Brahmagupta, whose main work was called Brahmasphutasiddhanta might be one. Aryabhata did some work with pi, which is related to the perimeter of circles.