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Q: Why might landfill site c be recommended over site b?
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What items do you send to a landfill site?

stuff that goes in a landfill.

What process happened in the landfill site?

In a landfill site, trash is collected and deposited in designated areas. The waste is then compacted to conserve space, and layers of soil are added to cover the trash. Over time, natural decomposition processes break down the waste.

How might a landfill site contaminate ground water?

A landfill site can contaminate groundwater through the leakage of harmful chemicals and pollutants from decomposing waste materials. Rainwater can percolate through the waste, picking up contaminants and carrying them into the groundwater. Additionally, improper landfill construction or maintenance can lead to the direct release of pollutants into the surrounding soil and groundwater.

How do you say landfill in french?

un site d'enfouissement

Which landfill site poses the greatest ecological danger for people and organisms?

the water site

Why can solid waste be left in piles at landfill site?

Solid Waste would be left in piles at a landfill site because solids aren't recyclable, so they therefore go to the land fill site like many other things.

What is the name of the liquid that can seep from landfill site?

The liquid that can seep from a landfill site is called leachate. It is formed when rainwater filters through the waste, picking up various contaminants along the way.

What is an adavantage of burying waste in landfill sites?

if you're going to bury a murdered baby in the landfill site then it will be really hard for the cops to find it

Where does all rubbish go?

All of our rubbish goes to a landfill site

What is good about a landfill site?

It creates methane that can be used to create electricity

What are the environmental impacts of depositing waste from a water treatment facility in a landfill?

The groundwater near the landfill would become polluted by the wastes, unless the landfill site was carefully designed and built to prevent pollution of groundwater resources.

How many bags of garbage go in a landfill site each day?

7. The answer is 7.