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Q: Why radian measure is more prefered than degree measure?
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What is the radian measure of -288?

-288 radians is exactly -288 radians: no more, no less!

What is a degree measure?

It is an old convention where everything is perfect like a circle, and each year have 360 days (for some reason). The ancients decided to make the unit to measure angles using this system, defining the angle of a full rotation is the godly number 360, and then split down. Now, a more useful and intuitive definition is given, called a radian measure. Where the radian measure of a full rotation as the circumference of the UNIT CIRCLE (circle with radius 1), which is 2 pi.

How do you convert meters to radians?

Well, a radian is a measure of angle. A meter is a measure of length. You cannot convert a radian to a meter without having more data. If, for example, you ask how long is the arc of a circle whose radius is one meter and whose angle is two radians, the answer is two meters.

Why convert degrees to radian?

Because a radian is a far more versatile unit of measurement, especially in advanced mathematics.

What is pi over 12 on a radian unit circle?

Pi over 12 on a radian unit circle is a little more than a quarter of the circle. Radian units are an alternative to degrees.

Why all select radian measure more than degree measure?

The relationship between the radius and circumference of a circle and related shapes becomes simpler. Trigonometric ratios can be defined as infinite series more simply in terms of radians: for example: sin(x) = x - x3/3! + x5/5! - ... And last, my favourite equation: e(i*pi) + 1 = 0 (Euler's equation) would not have the same beauty and brevity.

The measure of an angle is 10 more than the meaSURE of its complementfind the angles?

ans: 50 degree. its complement is 90-50=40 degree

What angle measure is more than 180 degree is what angle?

reflex angle

What services does Radian provide for it's customers?

Radian is a lending company. They help consumers get a loan for a mortgage, or they help a current homeowner make there mortgage more affordable if they are having trouble.

What angle has a measure of more than 0 degree and less than 90?


What is the unit used to measure angels and temperature?

Degrees is the measure for angles and temperature. "Degree" can apply to many things other than angles and temperature. In fact, a degree of angles is quite different from a degree of temperature. You might say more exactly that there are degrees F, degrees C, and degrees K acting as units of temperature measurements, in fact. Also more precisely, you might say that there are 'degrees of arc' as the unit measure of angles. But then, so are 'minutes' and 'seconds' a measure of arc - smaller units of a degree.

Is a 200 degree angle an obtuse angle?

No, a 200 degree angle is a reflex angle. Reflex angles are angles that measure more than 180 degrees.