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Q: Why should we not have quarter soldiers?
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What war did colonists quarter soldiers for?

American Revolution

What does right to quarter soldiers mean?

It is when the soldiers live in your house. Like they did before the American revolution

What is right not to quarter soldier?

The right not to quarter a soldier is kind of an outdated concept it came from the revolutionary war it means that you do not have to let soldiers stay at your house in a time of war

What is the quarter act?

its when us citizens had to pay for houses of british soldiers

What is a group of state soldiers called in the Constitution?

I think it's called a "quarter".

Which british action following the french and Indian war involved the housing troops and colonists homes?

It was known as "Quartering". Homeowners would be required to quarter- that is, provide quarters for a given number of soldiers in their homes.

Why didnt the people of Boston want the British soldiers to be there?

Because in the past the British soldiers do not want Boston and they put Boston to pay taxes. The Boston colonists were forced to quarter the British soldiers. Quartering refers to housing and feeding them.

What is quartering of soldiers?

half the moon showing

Why was Hitler's decision to defend the Rhine River unwise?

It resulted in the Allies capturing a quarter million German soldiers.

How much pizza should you get for a quarter?


Why is the meter stick 39 and a quarter?

39 and a quarter what? Miles? In any case, it should not be 39 and a quarter inches. A metre is approximately 39.37 inches.

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