Why were fractals made?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Fractals are geometric shapes that you can break up into parts and each part has a property known as self similarity. This property simply means that each little part has the same general shape as the big part it came from.

Fractals occur in nature so why cannot simply answer the question why were they made.

One example is frost crystals that appear on a glass window.

In math we create these patterns for many reasons. One is just because they are very pretty.

But the also interest mathematicians. People who study calculus like them because they have certain very interesting properties. ( some of them do0.

One example is that of being everywhere continuous but nowhere differentiable.

It is not too important to understand exactly what it means, just to know that it is a very surprising result in math.

It turns out that fractals are important in studying complex numbers too. Something that most people would never guess. There are fractals called Julia sets named after a mathematician with the last name Julia.

I will post a link of a gallery of fractals. Many people enjoy looking at them. Now you know their beauty goes much deeper than just their looks!

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Q: Why were fractals made?
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