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Matthew's gospel doesn't say there were three wise men; that idea took hold because they were said to present three gifts. The number of men isn't specified.

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Q: Why were there 3 wise men instead of 4 or 5?
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What are the 4 gifts given to Jesus?

Gold, francinsense and murh by the wise men and a lamb by the shepherds

How many wise man were there according to the bilble?

the were 4 wise man this is how the story starts 3 wise man were asked to go find were baby Jesus was being born but before that the 3 wise man asked the 4Th wise man are you able to go with us to see baby Jesus in the morning but the 4TH wise men said i can't because im am busy but tonight ok we will go in the morning and i will catch up with you so the 3 wise men where going to do that but the 4th wise man didn't go that night he went 3 days after. when the 4th wise men was walking the star he was following disappeared when he was lost he came across a house that was wrecked so he helped them rebuild the house and he gave them some food he moved on and saw a bridge that was wrecked so he helped the town rebuild the bridge and gave them some food and a diamond and he moved on and it him a long time to find baby Jesus but he finally found Jesus but he was an adult when he found him he was being put on the cross when he was carrying the cross the 4th wise man tryed to help Jesus cary the cross but they pushed him away the 4th wise man said this all my folt if i went with the 3 other wise men you could of bought your freedom you gave me the best gift of all remember when you helped the lady and man rebuild the house you gave them some money and some food that was a gift remember when you helped the town rebuild the bridge you gave them a diamond and some food that was the best gift of all so now you no the were 4 wise men

Does the Bible say the three wise men traveled from afar to visit Jesus?

No, it doesn't. The account of the wise men (Matthew 2:1-12) never says there were exactly three men. It only uses the plural, indicating more than one; there could have been two...there could have been a hundred.The idea that there were "exactly" three men arises from the gifts they presented.But in fact, the text doesn't even say how many gifts there were; it only specifies that they presented three typesof gifts: "gold, frankincense, and myrrh" (Matthew 2:11). [See Discussion for additional comments.]

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According to the bible how many wise men are there?

no one really knows how many wise men there were, most people think there were 3, but the Bible says that "the wise men then brought 3 gifts of frankinsence, gold, and myrr." the Bible says that they brought 3 gifts, so in theory, it makes it sound like there were 3 wise men, but there could have been just 1, mabe 2, mabe 100, no one knows. people also think that the wise men came to visit Jesus on the night that he was born, but this is not true, the Bible says that the wise men came to visit him when he was at least a month old or a year old. and if you dont believe what im saying now, you can just go and read your Bible, cause EVERYBODY knows that the Bible is pure truth. ;)

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