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Q: Why were too countries arguing over the Elgin Marbles?
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What are the Elysian or Elgin Marbles and where are they now?

I presume you mean the Elgin marbles. They are a large part of the relief sculptures, which adorned the Parthenon temple in Athens since the 5th century BC. They were removed from ther by Lord Elgin, Englishman. They are now in the British Museum, London.

What is a sentence with the word arguing in it?

They are always arguing. We were arguing over where to go for dinner.

What are the names of the two countries arguing over a border in the Himalaya Mountains?

India and China are the two countries currently in dispute over the border in the Himalaya Mountains. The border dispute is primarily focused on the Ladakh region.

How have the devils marbles changed over the years?

Nothing has changed to the devils marbles.

How many brown marbles are there if 1 over 4 of the marbles in the bag are brown?


What are Agememnon and Achilles arguing over?

Agememnon and Achilles were not arguing over a woman, but the fact that Agememnon had lost their honor.

The bag of marbles contains 20 red marbles 30 white marbles and 40 blue marbles what is the ratio of red to blue marbles?

If there are 20 red marbles and 40 blue marbles, the ratio of red to blue is 1 over 2. The number of white marbles does not matter.

Latitia had 12 marbles. after she gave 2 marbles to emilashe has 10 over 12 of her marble left.what fraction of the marbles did latitia gve away?


Where is Elgin AFB located in the US?

Elgin AFB was established in 1935, houses over 2000 military families and is located in Valparaiso,Florida. This is in Okaloosa County. The Elgin AFB is part of the Air Force Material Command.

What are the eligin marbles?

Eligin Marbles are the statues that was made by Greeks but British took them by the promised that when the war is over, they'll return them.

What are the release dates for The Elgin Hour - 1954 Mind Over Momma 1-18?

The Elgin Hour - 1954 Mind Over Momma 1-18 was released on: USA: 31 May 1955

Paolo has fewer than 40 marbles in a bag If he splits up the marbles among his 4 friends he'll have 3 left over If he divides them among his 7 friends he'll have 2 left over How many marbles are in th?