Why will a hexagon tessellate?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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yes there are several ways to tesselate this figure.

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Q: Why will a hexagon tessellate?
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Will a hexagon tile tessellate?

A regular hexagon will tessellate.

Can a hexagon be tessellated?

A regular hexagon and some irregular ones will tessellate, But in general they will not.

Can a hexagon tensellate?

A regular hexagon will tessellate. Other hexagons may or may not tessellate.

Will a hexagon tessellate or a circle?

Hexagon: Yes Circle: No

Does a hexagon tesellate?

If it's a regular hexagon it will tessellate.

Does an hexagon tessellate?


Can a pentagon tessellate with a hexagon?


Does a regular hexagon tesselate?

Yes, a regular hexagon does tessellate.

Will a regular hexagon tessellate with no overlaps or gaps?

Yes, hexagons will tessellate.

Does an irregular hexagon tessellate?

It can, but in general will not.

Is a hexagon tessellates?

No, a hexagon is not a tessellation. Some hexagons can tessellate a plane, others will not.

Is it possible to tessellate a hexagon and diamonds?