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Q: Why would you use percents in a graph?
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What is a pie graph use for?

A pie graph would be used for percents (anything that adds up to 100%)

What graph would best show percents?

circle graph /aka/ pie chart

What is difference between a bar graph circle graph and line graph and when would you use them?

I'm in sixth grade and I use circle graphs in social studies and bar and line graphs in science

What type of graph do you use when your data is in percents?

When your data is in percents, a common type of graph to use is a pie chart. This type of graph is particularly useful for showing the distribution of a whole, where each category represents a percentage of the total. A pie chart is visually appealing and easily highlights the proportion of each category.

What graph measures percents?

pie graphs

What graph chart can you use for the drink that freezes the fastest?

i did that for my science project and i used a line graph on how long each of the drinks took to freeze and every 45 minutes i would see how much more they had frozen by percents.

What is the sum of the percents in any circle graph?


Scentific definition of a circle graph?

circle graph= a graph that represents data using sections of a circle. The sum of the percents in a circle graph is 100o/o

Which type of graph show the relative percents of the parts that make up the whole?

pie graph or pie chart

Which type of graph shows the relative percents of the parts that make up whole?

pie graph or pie chart

How do you convert percents to degrees when using circle graph?

Multiply the percentage by 3.6

What type of graph would you use to display the ages of students in your classroom?

The type of graph you would use would be a PICTURE GRAPH or a TALLY CHART