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No, it rounds to 3.

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Q: Would 2.6 round to the number 2?
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How many zombies per round in black ops 2?

The number of Zombies changes per round but there can be a maximum of 26 zombies on the field at any given time.

1258 to the nearest hundred?

Round up to 1300. The number 2 is in the hundredth position. You would look at the number directly to the right of the 2 and if it is a 4 or lower, you would round down and leave the 2 where it is. (1200) But since the number to the right of the 2 is a 5 or higher you would round up to 1300.

How do you round 2 to the nearest tenth?

Presuming "2" is a whole number (meaning that we're not working in decimals) it would be 2 (the equivalent of 2.0). For rounding to "tenth" - Any number from 2.00 through 2.49999999 would round to 2 - but 2.5000 through 2.99999 would round to 3.

What is 1.810 rounded to the whole number?

You would round up: 2

Round 2.68 to the nearest whole number?

The nearest whole number would be 3, since 6 would cause the 2 to round up to 3.

What does 1.8 ones round to?

To the nearest whole number it would equal 2.

How do you make a number a whole number?

Like if yuh had 1.6 as a deciimal round to the highest whole number which would be 2 is your answer

How do you round 0.254 to the nearest tenth?

The tenth place in this case is the 2. You look at the number to the right of this which is a 5. If the number is 5 or above you round up if it is below 5 you round down. Since it is a 5 you would round 2 up to a 3. 0.3 is your answer(:

If a coordinate is halfway between 2 numbers which one do you count?

If a coordinate is half way between a number, eg (2.3,74) then you round to the nearest whole number so it would be (2, 74) (round 2.5 to 3 not to 2, round 2.1 to 2 not 3 and round 2.7 to 3, this is because the number after the decimal place is either closer to one or the other)

What would two round to?

To the nearest whole number: 2 To the nearest ten: Zero

What would 2 round to in the problem 2 times 82 times 26 equals?

2 * 82 * 26 = 4264 You could probably round 2 to just 1, it's the best way. So you ignore the two since it's so small and carry on with the rounding of 82 and 26(Which is 80 and 30.)So that's 2400, and then, obviously, it's very easy to multiply that by 2, so there you go.

If the 2 is underlined in the number 42,574 what is it round to?

It would round up to 3 because the 5 directly to the right of it tells us to round up. So your answer would be 43,000. Good luck! :-)