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Q: Would a long row of 8 cubes or a cube made from 8 cubes have a greater surface area?
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Would Ice cubes with the same volume but different surface areas melt at the same soeed?

No, the greater the surface area the faster the ice cube will melt.

Is it possible for 2 cubes to have the same volume and the same surface area?

Yes they would have to be similar cubes.

Which has a greater surface area a cube that is 2cm times 2cm on a side or eight cubes that are each 1cm times 1cm on a side?

Eight little cubes.

Which melts faster a bunch of ice cubes or a block of ice explain?

A bunch of ice cubes would melt faster than a block of ice. This is because the ice cubes have a greater surface area exposed to warmer temperatures causing accelerated heat absorption.

Total surface area of two identical cubes?

(surface area of cube 1 or 2 (either)) times 2 = (total surface area of two identical cubes)

How do you convert surface area of a cube to weight?


Do cubes have the same volume and surface area?

Yes Volume: Is the amount it takes to build it. Surface Area: Is how much is on the surface.

What is surface area of 2 cubes?

Surface area of two cubes = 6 times [ (length of first cube's edge)2 + (length of second cube's edge)2 ]

Does a sphere shaped ice cube melt faster than a regular shaped ice cube?

A cylinder shaped ice cube will melt faster because it has a greater surface area than the rectangle-shaped ice cube has. Cubes of ice with less surface area will melt slower. Ice that has very low surface area has more ice concealed inside than it does on the outside. Therefore, ice cubes that have more surface area will melt faster... I hope this will help you.. :) ..

Which has the greater surface area one large cell or 27 smaller cells?

27 smaller cells would have a greater surface area than one large cell. This is because the total surface area of the smaller cells would be greater due to the additional surface area of the cell membranes around each individual cell.

Does surface area mean size?

surface area is the total outer area of a figure (I.E. a cubes surface area can be calculated by adding the area of its 4 squares)

How do you find the surface area of three cubes joined together?

Find the area to one side of one of the cubes and multiply it by 18