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A square is not a pentagon. Pentagons have 5 sides, squares have 4.

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2011-11-12 06:02:39
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Q: Would a square be a convex pentagon?
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What is convex pentagon?

A convex pentagon is one in which none of the interior angles are reflex.

Is a pentagon convex or concave?

It can be either.

Is a pentagon convex?

A regular pentagon is convex. By taking a regular pentagon and shortening or lengthening one or more sides, an infinite number of possible convex pentagons can be created. A convex polygon is defined as a polygon such that all internal angles are less than or equal to 180 degrees, and a line segment drawn between any two vertices remains inside the polygon. It is possible to have non-convex (concave) pentagons; there are infinite number possible ways to do this, too.

How to build a tans to form convex pentagon?

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What is a convex pentagon?

it is a shape with 180degrees or less

Are the interior angles in a polygon equal in measure?

Only when the polygon is a regular convex polygon. Such as an equilateral triangle, or a square, or a regular pentagon.

What is a equiangular convex pentagon?

It is a pentagon with five equal angles - each interior angle = 108 degrees. The term "convex" is redundant since, if the pentagon is equiangular, it cannot have 5 re-entrant corners.

Are pentagons convex?

a pentagon is any five-sided polygon.

What is the sum of measures of the interior angles of a convex pentagon?

520 Degrees

How many side does a convex pentagon have?

Pentagons (including convex pentagons) have five sides. (The prefix penta- is greek for 5)

What does a square and a triangle combine makes what figure?

That would be a pentagon...

How are pentagon and square different?

pentagon has 5 sides, square has 4.

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