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Q: You have 3800 waiting rank in MPPET?
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What is rank of bansal institute of science and tech in mppet?

10th rank

How do you attend the counselling of mppet through aieee rank?

Type your answer here... My all India rank is 43213 can I get admission Mecanical engineering .

If getting 120 marks in mppet will i get davv or jec or mits gwalior?

yes u will surely get iet davv according to last year results students under 2000 rank were getting admission in davv and according to your marks you will get rank under 2000.

Where do you find taxis waiting in a queue in London?

At a taxi rank

When mppet result will be declair?

Hey MPPET results are declared on 22 July, for more info on college ranking and counseling info visit

When will the MPPET result comes?

Hey mppet results declared on 22 July.for further information about college rankings acnd counseling visit

On getting 77 marks in mppet 09 in gen category in which college you get admission?

i got 77 marks in mppet 2009 in general category . in which college we get admission.

How can you get solutions for mppet 2008?

To get solutions for MPPET 2008, you can try searching online on educational websites, forums, or contacting coaching institutes that specialize in exam preparation. You can also try to find study materials or guidebooks specific to MPPET 2008 that may include solutions as well.

What is the cutt-off of mppet result?

hey mppet results declared on 22 July for result,college info,college ranking and counseling information visit

When will be MPPET 2008?

you can get a detailed information on the page

When is mppet 2008?

you can get a detailed information on the page

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