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Q: You need one half of a cup of sugar to make a three-layer cake how much sugar would you need to make a one-layer cake?
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What is the purpose of sugar in cake?

Hey, Obviously it sweetens the cake and will make it taste a whole lot better!! Without the sugar the cake would be absolutely tasteless and bland! I always use sugar in baking! x

How would you sell a chocolate cake to a diabetic customer?

Make the cake with a sugar substitute such as SPLENDA. There are several diabatic approved suger replacement products available. If the cake is already made with sugar you can convince them the cake would make a wonderful dessert for the rest of the family or a gift for someone special.

What is the functional properties of sugar in cake?

To make the cake taste sweet. If you are referring to the scientific properties of sugar, then ill tell you that sugar is a disaccharide and its function is for energy transport. Sugar its self, on the other hand, would just alter the flavor of the cake and make it taste sweet. I hope this helped.

Which kind of cake would you expect to have better keeping qualities a sponge cake which is low in fat or a high-ratio cake which is high in both fat and sugar?

the sponge cake

What has more sugar beer or cake?


How do you prevent powdered sugar from disappearing on a cake?

Powdered sugar should be dusted lightly onto a cake. The slightly moist surface of the cake will hold the sugar in place. If powdered sugar is applied too thickly, the excess should be brushed or shaken off. or USE BUTTER!

How does the type of sugar put in a cake affect the taste of the cake?

Brown sugar will vary the taste.

What sugar is used to sweeten cake?

Cane Sugar

What is acid of cake?


Why is sugar important in a cake?

Sugar is a basic ingredient in cake. It provides volume and texture as well as sweetness. Cakes baked with sugar substitutes sometimes lack density and texture in spite of their artificial sweetness.

What function does the sugar have in a cake?

the sugar is added to cakes to make it taste sweeter and let other things in cake feed on it.

What would happen if you have a cake batter with too much sugar?

You will get really fat and sick... yuck!