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Q: After world war 1 us industries focused on?
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What happened to the US industries during World War 2?

The industries probably destroyed by the Russians.

Where was the fighting focused on when the US entered World War 1?

Western front

How did the us prepare for world war 1 mobilization industries food supply?


How did the entertainment industries contribute to the US war effort during world war 2?

By sending entertainers to the troops

Was the post-World War 1 foreign policy of the United states focused on expansionism?

No. After World War I, US foreign policy was focused on isolationism. The US public was deeply disinterested in international politics or involvement. It would be only after World War II that the United States took a more expansionist tone.

In the decade following World War 1 the women's movement in the US focused mostly on?

political equality

In the decades following world war 1 the women movement in the US focused mostly on?

political equality

How did US government use the nation's economic resources during World War 2?

The US Government focused the nation's economic resources primarily on the war efforts.

What did the US government do after declaring war on japan and Germany?

Transformed peacetime industries into war industries

Where was the US involved in World War 2?

There were two basic theatres in World War II the US fought in. The Pacific theatre where the US Navy, Marines and Army focused on fighting Japan in island hopping. There was then the European theatre where mainly the US Army focused on fighting Italy and Germany mainly in Africa, Italy and mainland Europe.

At the beginning of World War 2 national debate focused on whether the US should continue the policy of?


How did the US perepare for war mobilization industries food supply?

How did the U.S. prepare for world war 1 in mobilization, industires, and food supply