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The purpose of a factor tree is to divide a number into prime factors. 1 is not a Prime number.

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Q: Can 1 and the factor be used itself to be a factor tree?
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What Is The Factor Tree For 109?

109 109 x 1 This is all there is to the factor tree, because 109 is a prime number. Normally, I wouldn't use 1 in a factor tree, but I do in this case to make it clear that I have done a factor tree, since 109 is only divisible by itself and 1.

What is a factor tree of 23?

23 is prime number. Its only factors are 1 and itself (23)

What is a factor tree of 89?

1 x 89 (89 is a prime number, so its only factors are 1 and itself)

Does a prime number have a factor tree?

No. A prime number is one that has no factors except the number '1' and itself.

What is the factor tree for 293?

There is no factorization of 293 because 293 is a prime number. It is divisible only by 1 and itself.

What is a prime factor tree?

A factor tree is a way to notate the process of finding the prime factorization. If completed successfully, the bottom row (branch) will display the prime factorization of the number you started with.

What Is the Factor to 1?

1 has one factor, itself.

What is an example of a factor tree for 127?

127 /\ 127 x 1 127 is a prime number which means that it can only be divided or simplified by 1 and itself

What does the factor tree look like for 51 and 255?

Factor tree for 51: 51 * 1 or 17 * 3 Factor tree for 255: 255 * 1 or 51 * 5

Can you use 1 as a factor when you make a factor tree?


What is the factor between 1 and 11?

1 has one factor: itself.11 has two factors: one and itself.

What two numbers go into 59 in a factor tree?

59 is a prime number and as such has only two factors: 1 and 59 A factor tree doesn't make sense for prime numbers since it would only have one branch: the number itself.