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The value of the position of a digit in a number.

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Q: Definition of place value expanded notation?
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Example of place value expanded notation?

An example of place value expanded notation is to expand the number 4985 to 4000 plus 900 plus 80 plus 5. The expanded notation gives one the place value of 4 in the thousands place, 9 in the hundreds place, 8 in the tens place, and 5 in the ones place.

How is Expanded Notation different than Place Value Sections?

Expanded Notation is the technique of writing out a number by place value sections. A place value section is how much each digit is worth. For example, in 4.79, the place value sections are- Four stands for 4, seven stands for seven tenths, and nine stands for nine hundredths. Expanded notation form would be 4 + .7 + .09. It is a form of writing it out by place value sections.

how do you write 104930 in expanded notation by multiplying each digit by its place value?


What is the sum that shows place and value of each digit of a number?

expanded notation

How do you use the expanded notation in addition?

An example of how you use expanded notation in addition is 3 x 100 + 9 x 10 + 3. The standard notation for the previous example is 393. Expanded notation is shown by showing the sum of each digit multiplied by its place value (hundreds, thousands, tens, and so forth).

What does expanded notation mean in math?

Expanded notation is expanding the whole number by each place value. Example: 1,234 = (1 x 1000) + (2 x 100) + (3 x 10) + (4 x 1)

What is the definition for number and word notation in math?

A notation consisting of the significant digits of a large number and words for the place value. For example: 27 trillion

How to write expanded notation 493?

Expanded notation is a method of writing numbers that shows the value of each digit in a number. To write the number 493 in expanded notation, you can break it down into its place value: 4 hundreds (4 x 100 = 400) 9 tens (9 x 10 = 90) 3 ones (3 x 1 = 3) So, 493 in expanded notation would be written as: 400 + 90 + 3 Another way to write it is: 4100 + 910 + 3*1 In this way, we can see the value of each digit in the number 493.

What is the definition for number and word notation?

When you take a number and a place value word and put them together. For example: 456,000 456 thousand

How do you write 852.3 in expanded notation using sums of multiplication?

To express a number in expanded notation, you first need to divide it by a power of 10 such that the units is the greatest place value. In this case, you would divide by 100 to get 8.523. The next step is to add that power of ten to the sum as a multiplication. We use 100, which is the second power of 10. This can be written as 102. Thus 852.3 can be written in expanded notation as 8.523x102

How do you write 180 in expanded notation?

Expanded notation is writing the number to show the value of each digit. 180 = (1 x 100) + (8 x 10) + (0 x 1)

What is the definition for place value?

what is place value means