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Q: Did the Mayans predict 9 11?
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Is it tue that the Mayans predicted 9-11 and they predicted the world will end in 2012?

No they did not predict 9-11 that was Nosrodamas who predictied the end of the world in 2012 as well as the mayans. So we don't have long left>

Did mayans predict Hitler?


Did Mayans predict diseases?

Yes, Mayans predicted disease outbreaks and droughts

Did the Mayans predict birds falling from the sky?

the mayans were really aware of the birds falling

Why did the mayans predict December 21st 2012?

Because They Did

Did the mayans predict world war 1 and 2?


Did Mayans predict that Miley Cyrus would end the world?

The Mayans never mentioned Miley Cyrus.

Did the Mayans predict Haiti?

I think the Mayans predicted more natural disasters and changes in the weather patterns. So in a round-about way they may have.

Did the mayans predict the Vietnam war?

one could argue this, but in retrospect, did they predict the end of the world? no. you answer is one that can be found if you read between the lines

Which way did the Mayans predict the world was going to end?

Basically, it was the end of their 5000 year calender.

Could it be true that the Mayans died before they could actually predict the end of 2012?

Yes. The Mayans and Aztecs simply disappeared of the face of the Earth and there was no connection with them until the 16th century when the Spanish invaded and wiped out the Incas. The Mayans and Aztecs were never connected with the outside world....

At what time did the great pyramids predict the world will end?

They never did, they are buildings. That's like saying the WTC could have been used to predict that 9/11 would happen. People make predictions.