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Q: Does Rf means resolution factor in paper chromatography?
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What is the main factor in the determining movement of pigment in the paper chromatography?

Edward Brooke

How is gas chromatography different from paper chromatography?

Paper chromatography separate liquids on special paper.

What is the interpretation of paper chromatography?

whate is interpretation in paper chromatography

What are the different types of paper chromatography?

There are two types of paper chromatography: 1. Ascending Chromatography 2. Descending Chromatography.

What can you use instead of chromatography paper in a paper chromatography test?


The chromatography paper?

filter paper

How can you use paper chromatography in your every day life?

it can be used in everyday life by liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, thin-layer chromatographyand paper chromatography.

Which is stationary phase in paper chromatography?

the stationary phase in paper chromatography is the blotting paper or the filter paper which is held on a suitable support

What is A mixture that could be separated by paper chromatography?

A mixture of various inks can be separated out by paper chromatography.

Where may one learn about paper chromatography?

If you like science Paper Chromatography is something to look into. You can take Chemistry classes to find out different ideas on how to use Paper Chromatography.

What is chromatography paper called?

Whatman Paper

How do Thin Layer Chromatography and Paper Chromatography relate to each other?

Thin layer cromatography and paper chromatography relate to each in the following ways 1. Both have stationary phases and mobile phases 2. Both can be used to determine the retardation factor of a substance 3. Both are method of seperation

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