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A tachometer is a gauge that measures mechanical rotation, and typically reads out in "RPM" or revolutions per minute. Such a gauge can be used anywhere where a measurement of speed of rotation is needed, but the most common use is to measure how many times in a minute the crankshaft of your car's engine turns, which would indicate to the car's driver how hard the car's engine is working at any given moment.

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Q: Function of tachometer
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If you had a speedometer with a tachometer and you replaced it with a speedometer without a tachometer will it work?

it sure would work.. behind the dashboard are plugs for each function. one for tachometer, one for speedometer, fuel, water temp. ect.. if your new dash doesn't have a tachometer it will not interfere with the speedomet aspect of it. but you will not have a tach obviously. that sucks kid

How do you install a tachometer on a 1991 mercury cougar?

Remove the instrument panel cover. Remove the tachometer retaining screws. Remove the tachometer cable from the back of the tachometer. Reverse the process to install the new tachometer.

How do you measure the RPM of motor shaft?

you need a tachometer

What is the use of hand watch tachometer?

To measure the average speed of an object over a set distance. You must know the distance between point A and point B. But, if you don't have a watch with a tachymeter/tachometer function, you can find out speed over a measured distance if you simply know how to divide and convert.

Mazda b2500 tach works speedometer does not?

The Mazda tachometer and the speedometer have separate cables. The tachometer cable probably does not work properly. Change the tachometer cable.

What causes the tachometer to stop working on a 1991 Acura Legend?

The tachometer cable may be faulty. The tachometer sensor, on the side of the engine might not be functioning properly.

Where can I buy a used portable tachometer?

You can perhaps buy a used portable tachometer by going on to

Where can I buy a handheld tachometer?

Here's a site where you can buy a handheld tachometer:

How do you install an after market tachometer on a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

you dont need to cause it has a factory tachometer

What is the difference between an auto-meter and a tachometer?

A tachometer and an auto-meter is an instrument measuring the rotation speed of a car or a motor. An auto-meter is more accurate and reliable than a tachometer.

What is needed to install a tachometer in a dunebuggy with a 1970's vw motor?

a tachometer, wire and wire terminals

Where does word tachometer originate?

Tachometer is formed from the two Greek words: tachos 'speed' and metreo 'to measure'.