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bigger than a skysraper

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Q: How big is the biggest tree?
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What is the biggest tree in cypress?

The big tree

How big is the biggest tree from the Amazon?

very big

How is the father tree the biggest tree in big Basin?

it is 2,000 years old

How big is the worlds biggest tree?

10 feet

How is the mother tree in Big Basin one of the biggest trees there?

it is 326 feet tall

Where in Ghana can we locate the biggest tree locate the biggest tree?

in japan

Is the banana flower tree the second biggest tree?

Yes, the banana flower is the second biggest tree.

Is biggest a noun?

No, "biggest" is not a noun. It is the superlative form of the adjective "big."

What is the weight of the biggest tree in a rainforest?

Well , It depends on that tree, every biggest tree in every rainforest have different characteristics . Glad I could help.

Which is the biggest big cat?

A Siberian Tiger is the biggest big cat

What kind of adjective is biggest?

The adjective 'biggest' is the superlative form for the adjective 'big': big, bigger, biggest

What is the biggest tree in Canada?